What is the Crosswalk?

The Regional Centers for Workforce Transformation (RCWT) created The Crosswalk webinar and tools for service providers on the new regulations, competencies, and other initiatives being implemented by state and federal governments regarding the changing role of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).

The Crosswalk demonstrates, explains, and connects the five initiatives of Workforce Transformation so they are simplified and easy to understand.

These tools help agencies navigate through all the information in the five initiatives and explain how all of it is connected and works together.

The five Workforce Transformation initiatives covered include:

  • Council on Quality and Leadership Personal Outcome Measures
  • NYS DSP Core Competencies
  • NADSP Code of Ethics
  • Home and Community Based Services Regulations
  • Person-Centered Planning

Below is a list of current resources. Click on the links to watch a video, webinar, or download a document.

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OPWDD Resources

The Crosswalk Tools

Webinar - Training the Crosswalk; All the New Stuff We Gotta Do, Made Simple

Provider Shared Resources

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