Developing Evaluations for Frontline Supervisors

Frontline Supervisors (FLSs) sometimes offer direct support to people with disabilities. However, since FLSs are not Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), they are not subject to evaluations like DSPs.

The Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) is developing an evaluation process for FLSs. This evaluation will based on a nationally validated set of standards. The NYS Talent Development Consortium has adopted and adapted the University of Minnesota’s “Frontline Supervisor Core Competency Set” with permission.

According to the University, these competencies are “an evidence-based set of knowledge, skills, and abilities that reflect best practices in the supervision of DSPs who work with individuals with disabilities in residential, work, and community settings. Competencies are considered a foundation for workforce development and standardization in all fields and at all levels…Nationally recognized and validated competencies also serve to promote the recognition of the role of Frontline Supervisors, the development of career ladders, and the development of a more competent, stable workforce to meet the growing demand of long-term services and supports” (National Frontline Supervisor Competencies, University of Minnesota, April 2013).

The University has identified 11 competencies for FLSs:

  • Direct support
  • Health, wellness, and safety
  • Participant support plan, monitoring, and assessment.
  • Facilitating community inclusion across the lifespan
  • Promoting professional relations and teamwork
  • Using best practices for staff recruitment, selection, and hiring
  • Supervising staff, training, and development
  • Service management and quality assurance
  • Public relations and advocacy
  • Leadership, professionalism, and self-development
  • Cultural awareness and responsiveness.

A version of the tool for use in New York is under development. It will be offered as a voluntary resource and will not be mandated for use.

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