NYS DSP Core Competencies Resources – What Supervisors Need to Know

The NYS DSP Core Competencies, combined with the NADSP Code of Ethics, are values-based competencies and skills that are the foundation of person-centered supports for New Yorkers with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These competencies are part of New York State’s Workforce Transformation initiative.

The Competencies are broken down into seven goal areas covering all aspects of the person’s life, while also including the professionalism of direct support. A Core Competencies video is available that demonstrates the key components.

The seven goal areas are:

• Putting People First
• Building and Maintaining Positive Relationships
• Demonstrating Professionalism
• Supporting Good Health
• Supporting Safety
• Having a Home
• Being Active and Productive in Society

The Core Competencies are NOT a training program. They represent the day-to-day valuable work that DSPs perform when serving individuals with developmental disabilities.

To assist FLSs with understanding the Core Competencies and how they apply to the professionals they manage, the RCWT have developed a list of online resources that can be used to continue the state’s Workforce Transformation initiative.
Below is a current list of resources. Click on the links to watch a video, webinar, or download a document.
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Onboarding Tools to Incorporate the Code of Ethics and Core Competencies – Provided by Family Residences & Essential Enterprises, Inc.

Orientation Core Competencies Video

Core Competency Training Resources

Transformation Core Competencies for Supervisors

How to Supervise the Core Competency - Video

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