Core Competencies Webinars: Goal Area 4

Putting People First includes:
- Competency A: Supporting a Person's Unique Capacities, Personality and Potential
- Competency B: Getting to Know the Person through Assessment/Discovery
- Competency C: Promoting Advocacy with the Individual
- Competency D: Facilitating Personal Growth and Development
- Competency E: Facilitation of Supports and Services
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Building & Maintaining Positive Relationships includes:
- Competency F: Building & Maintaining Relationships
- Competency G: Creating Meaningful Communication
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Demonstrating Professionalism includes:
- Competency H: Developing Professional Relationships
- Competency I: Exhibiting Professional Behavior
- Competency J: Showing Respect for Diversity and Inclusion
- Competency K: Creating Meaningful Documentation Records
- Competency L: Education, Training and Self-Development Activities
- Competency M: Organizational Participation
- Competency N: Exhibiting Ethical Behavior on the Job
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Supporting Good Health includes:
Competency O: Promoting Positive Behavior and Supports
Competency P: Supporting Health and Wellness
Competency Q: Preventing, Recognizing and Reporting Abuse
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Supporting Safety includes:
- Competency R: Supporting Crises Prevention, Intervention and Resolution
- Competency S: Supporting Safety
- Competency T: Ensuring Safety of Individuals during Environmental Emergencies
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Having a Home includes:
- Competency U: Supporting People to Live in the Home of Their Choice
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Being Active and Productive in Society includes:
- Competency V: Supporting Active Participation in the Community
- Competency W: Supporting Employment, Educational and Career Goal Attainment
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Goal Area 4: From Compliance to Competency Webinars

Competency O: Promoting Positive Behavior and Supports
Skills: Demonstrates team work with the individual, co-workers and family in implementing positve behavioral support strategies consistent with available behavior support plans. Demonstrates effective methods to teach positive behaviors and support existing positive behaviors. Assess strategies to evaluate how environmental factors affect behavior. Interactive Activity: Coming Soon!

Competency P: Exhibiting Professional Behavior
Skills: Demonstrates the following desirable professional qualities in the worksite: professional demeanor, attention to punctuality and attendance policies, reliability, flexibility, pleasantness. Interactive Activity: Click Here to Download

Competency Q: Preventing, Recognizing, and Reporting Abuse
Skills: Recognizes concepts related to prevention of abuse. Is able to prevent abuse. Correctly follows procedures for mandated reporting and responding. Interactive Activity: Click Here to Download