Frontline Supervisors

Frontline Supervisors (FLS) supervise and manage the direct services provided to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the professionals who support them.  FLS often take on a multitude of supervisory roles such as hiring, firing, training, supervising, planning and evaluation, working with families, etc.

Many times FLS are promoted from the position of Direct Support Professional and have succeeded in fulfilling the Core Competencies and understand the Code of Ethics. However, taking on the role of supervisor means not just participating in the Core Competencies, but evaluating the DSPs they supervise based on these sets of guidelines.

FLS need to understand and apply them in a different manner.

The Regional Centers for Workforce Transformation provides a substantial resource library to assist FLS with developing their professional skills and helping them learn how to apply the Code of Ethics, and Core Competencies from a supervisory standpoint.

We have provided a list of current resources below. Simply click on the links provided to watch a video, webinar, or download a document.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


OPWDD Resources

Informational Webinars

This resource includes a number of webinars covering a variety of topics that maybe helpful to DSPs as they learn how to incorporate the Core Competencies and Code of Ethics into their daily work lives.

Workforce Transformation Video Series

This resources provides links to seven videos that were created to help DSPs, supervisors, people receiving services, and families understand the Core Competencies goals and how they are implemented in order to better serve people with disabilities. Training manuals and other accompanying documents are available for download.

Demystifying the Performance Evaluation

This resource helps DSPs and their supervisors with the evaluation process. Included are several videos and a PowerPoint presentation that helps supervisors understand the performance evaluation process.


As of April 1, 2016 OPWDD requires that all NYS Providers use the NYS DSP Performance Evaluations as the evaluation tools for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs); As of October 1, 2017: OPWDD’s Division of Quality Improvement will begin verifying the implementation of the NADSP Code of Ethics, the NYS DSP Core Competencies and the NYS DSP Performance Evaluations.

OPWDD Administrative Memorandum on Workforce Transformation

#2014-03: Service Provider Implementation of the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) Code of Ethics, NYS DSP Core Competencies and NYS DSP Performance Evaluations Start Date (Implementation Begins): July 1, 2014; Effective Date (Full Implementation): March 31, 2017

NYS DSP Core Competencies Resources – What Supervisors Need to Know

This is a list of resources to help FLSs understand the Core Competencies and how they can apply to the professionals they manage. Resources include videos, training manuals and onboarding tools to help incorporate the Code of Ethics and Core Competencies, as well as many provider shared resources.

Code of Ethics Resources

This resource defines the Code of Ethics for DSPs and identifies the nine areas of conduct and professionalism included in the Code. It also provides a list of other resources to help DSPs and their supervisors understand the Code.

What is the Crosswalk?

The RCWT created The Crosswalk webinar and tools in response to a need expressed by service providers for assistance in understanding all the new regulations, competencies, and other initiatives being implemented by state and federal government regarding the changing role of Direct Support Professionals.

Provider Shared Resources

RCWT Pilot Training on Observation

Click Here to View the RCWT Pilot Training on Observation Video
Click Here to Download the Observation Manual

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